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HR.COM editorial team interviewed Stacey Pezold from Paycom Payroll LLC, at the Leadership Excellence Awards this past March. Here are some excerpts from the exclusive interview.

What is the overall objective of Lead U program curriculum?
The biggest objective is helping people understand the difference between a manager and a leader. Our goal is to shape our leaders into overall coaches. It is a real shift in mindset from telling people what to do versus supporting them and teaching them how to do it.

We talk about the fundamental leadership principles that are conducive for learning, employee engagement and overall effective communication. Who do you impact with your program?
The program reaches everyone within Paycom. From first-time employees to members of our senior leadership team, everyone is impacted. The great thing is that everyone takes away something different. I love watching senior leaders engage with our junior leaders by sharing experiences and practical applications of the curriculum we are discussing in class. For our younger leaders, that type of feedback is very powerful.

What are the lessons learned this year from facilitating this program?
I’ve learned that investing in leadership training and development continues to deliver a significant return on investment for our business. Setting aside the time to invest in our most important asset, our people, is as important as anything else we do at our company. The leadership principles we cover in Lead U help our leaders to effectively navigate the day-to-day challenges of hiring, motivating and empowering employees. Investing in our leaders helps us to ensure we are equipped for our future growth as a business.
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Leadership Excellence Rank: 1
Category: Midsize Company
Company Name: Paycom Payroll LLC
Program Name: Lead U
Program Director: Stacey Pezold
Address: 7501 W. Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73142, USA.
Call: 800-580-4505