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Kedro, McKinsey’s first open-source software tool


QuantumBlack, the advanced analytics firm we acquired in 2015, has now launched Kedro, an open source tool created specifically for data scientists and engineers. It is a library of code that can be used to create data and machine-learning pipelines. For our non-developer readers, these are the building blocks of an analytics or machine-learning project. “Kedro can change the way data scientists and engineers work,” explains product manager Yetunde Dada, “making it easier to manage large workflows and ensuring a consistent quality of code throughout a project.”

McKinsey has never before created a publicly available, open source tool. “It represents a significant shift for the firm,” notes Jeremy Palmer, CEO of QuantumBlack, “as we continue to balance the value of our proprietary assets with opportunities to engage as part of the developer community, and accelerate as well as share our learning.”

The name Kedro, which derives from the Greek word meaning center or core, signifies that this open-source software provides crucial code for ‘productionizing’ advanced analytics projects. Kedro has two major benefits: it allows teams to collaborate more easily by structuring analytics code in a uniform way so that it flows seamlessly through all stages of a project. This can include consolidating data sources, cleaning data, creating features and feeding the data into machine-learning models for explanatory or predictive analytics.


  What are the main features of Kedro?

1. Project template and coding standards

  • A standard and easy-to-use project template
  • Configuration for credentials, logging, data loading and Jupyter Notebooks / Lab
  • Test-driven development using pytest
  • Sphinx integration to produce well-documented code

2. Data abstraction and versioning

  • Separation of the compute layer from the data handling layer, including support for different data formats and storage options
  • Versioning for your data sets and machine learning models

3. Modularity and pipeline abstraction

  • Support for pure Python functions, nodes, to break large chunks of code into small independent sections
  • Automatic resolution of dependencies between nodes
  • (coming soon) Visualise your data pipeline with Kedro-Viz, a tool that shows the pipeline structure of Kedro projects

Note: Read our FAQs to learn how we differ from workflow managers like Airflow and Luigi.

4. Feature extensibility

  • A plugin system that injects commands into the Kedro command line interface (CLI)
  • List of officially supported plugins:
    • (coming soon) Kedro-Airflow, making it easy to prototype your data pipeline in Kedro before deploying to Airflow, a workflow scheduler
    • Kedro-Docker, a tool for packaging and shipping Kedro projects within containers
  • Kedro can be deployed locally, on-premise and cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) servers, or clusters (EMR, Azure HDinsight, GCP and Databricks)


Rekordowe finanse polskich klubów piłkarskich – Raport EY i Ekstraklasy S.A.

Raport EY i Ekstraklasy 2017-08-31 cover

Raport EY i Ekstraklasy S.A.: Rekordowy sezon dla finansów polskich klubów piłkarskich – najwyższe w historii przychody, napędzane przez transfery i Ligę Mistrzów

Ponad 700 milionów PLN przychodów, pierwszy w historii ligi dodatni wynik finansowy netto 16 klubów Ekstraklasy – 66 mln PLN, najwyższe wpływy z transferów – 117 mln PLN i rekordowe z praw mediowych – 260 mln PLN. Firma doradcza EY i spółka Ekstraklasa S.A. raportem „Ekstraklasa Piłkarskiego Biznesu” podsumowały sezon piłkarski 2016/2017 – sezon rekordów finansowych i sportowych. Zwycięzcą przygotowywanego od 9 lat rankingu biznesowego okazał się ubiegłoroczny Mistrz Polski – zespół Legii Warszawa, którego przychody wzrosły o 151 mln PLN, osiągając wysokość 281 mln PLN, co stanowiło 40% przychodów całej ligi. Drugie miejsce w rankingu EY i Ekstraklasy S.A. zajął Lech Poznań, na trzeciej pozycji uplasowała się Lechia Gdańsk. Po raz pierwszy w historii raport został opracowany na podstawie danych finansowych dotyczących sezonu ligowego, zamiast roku kalendarzowego. Read the rest of this entry »


KPMG Annual Review “Anticipate. Innovate. Deliver.”

KPMG international-annual-review-2016 cover KPMG 2016 Chairman

Chairman’s message.

The CEOs I meet with around the world are facing a multitude of challenges and significant new opportunities. The impact of transformational technology, marketplace disruption, the arrival of new competitors and the challenge of staying close to an increasingly transient consumer, are consistent and particularly relevant themes. There is an escalating degree of “uncertainty” that needs to be factored into our own plans and those of the businesses that KPMG firms work with in more than 150 countries around the globe. And while the world remains an uncertain place, I am immensely proud of how KPMG continues to adapt to our “new normal” and to succeed and grow in this challenging and hyper-competitive market.  Read the rest of this entry »



BV-Alibaba-COVER BV-Alibaba-02.09.14-structure Reuters

Breakingviews has been closely following Alibaba’s journey towards an initial public offering for over a year. Back in April 2013, we started  digging into what the company might be worth. The article that opens this  collection is the result. To see how our view has evolved since then, check  out the piece that closes this book, “Six steps to Alibaba’s twelve-figure valuation”. PETER THAL LARSEN Read the rest of this entry »


Deloitte Digital wchodzi do Polski

Deloitte Digital wchodzi do Polski obrazek 2015-10-22
Deloitte Digital, globalna agencja interaktywno-konsultingowa należąca do firmy doradczej Deloitte rozpoczyna działalność na rynku środkowoeuropejskim. Zaczyna od akwizycji Digital One, jednej z najbardziej doświadczonych agencji digitalowych w Polsce. W wyniku połączenia kompetencji marketingowych i kreatywnych Digital One z wiedzą branżową i doświadczeniem w konsultingu strategicznym i technologicznym Deloitte powstaje pionierski na polskim rynku model, tworzący nową kategorię opartą na komplementarnych atrybutach agencji interaktywnej i firmy doradczej. Osiągnięcia Deloitte Digital w Stanach Zjednoczonych i na świecie dowodzą skuteczności tego modelu. Read the rest of this entry »