The infoShare conference was held in Gdańsk on 22-24 May 2018. The theme of the conference is new technologies. About 7,000 people, over 2,500 companies and startups took part in the conference and fairs. About 500 from over 40 countries from all over Europe registered to compete this year in Startup Contest. 80 percent of applications came from outside Poland. This is a record number of startups participating in infoShare.

ThinAir Water from Great Britain won the Startup Contest – a competition for startups, organized as part of infoShare. The main prize in it is 20,000 euros, funded by the president of Gdańsk. Startup ThinAir Water was invented by a group of four students from Imperial College in London. They created a technology enabling the recovery of water from the Earth’s atmosphere and its treatment for consumption. The ThinAir Water solution responds to the problem of access to water in regions such as the Middle East and North Africa. Startup has created a technology that allows you to use 140 billion liters of water in the atmosphere.

The infoShare 2018 conference is the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to startups and trends and innovations in the field of new technologies. ICT technologies dominate. During the conference over 150 lectures on new technologies, investing and marketing took place. International experts from Microsoft, Google, Intel, Wipro and LPP were invited to speak. The place of infoShare conference was the Gdańsk International Fair AmberExpo.