Strefa Ex XX ASE Conference was held in Gdańsk in March 03-04. Greeting  guests and brief information about the history of the conference by Dariusz Jachowicz, CEO of the ASE Group.

Process safety management in an industrial corporation has presented by Prof. Dr hab. inż Adam S. Markowski. Marek Samotyj from Electric Power Research Institute, California, USA spoke about the impact of electricity quality on safety and comfort of work. Arnhold Thorsten from IECEx hed two lectures. First about Competence for Hazardous Locations – How can IECEx support ? and the second: The new IEC Technical Specification TS 60079 – 46 Assemblies.

Practical elements and good practices regarding fire and explosion safety in Grupa LOTOS SA presented Tomasz Klawikowski, Grupa LOTOS S.A. Stanisław Nieświec discussed the industrial exhaust ventilation and ventilation installations which reduce the risk of an explosive atmosphere carried out by BART, including the procedures applied before the completion of the engineering project and the comprehensive implementation of the investment.  Fire safety and its impact on the implementation of the investment process – a case study discussed Tadeusz Cisek,  Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów Bezpieczeństwa Pożarowego. Photo: Marek Grzybowski