The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis

Look! Up in the sky! Not a bird … or a plane … it’s an eVTOL! An eVTOL (pronounced “ee-vee-tol”) is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft—and thousands of them could be flying above cities by 2030. Hear McKinsey experts and industry pioneers describe what’s coming in the world of “advanced air mobility” (AAM) and how it could affect passengers, pilots, and our planet.

By 2030, the leading companies in the passenger AAM industry could have bigger fleets—and offer many more flights per day—than the world’s largest airlines. Flights will be shorter, averaging only 18 minutes, with fewer passengers on board (between one and six, plus a pilot). That cadence—large numbers of aircraft flying frequent, short flights—will create operational challenges.

Flying taxis